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                   Wuxi Kunpeng Technology, Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. ADDRESS:No.1,YongDingXiang, Wuxi
                   TEL:86-510-82750743 82762978                                       FAX:86-510-82715897


   The Company had passed the ISO9001: 2000 International Quality System Certification. It was awarded One of
National Top 10 Honesty Companies Satisfying Customers with Excellent Products Qualities by ChinaEnterprise
Credit Association in 2003; listed in the key units for publicizing on International Day for Protecting Consumers’ Rights.
It became one member of the 5th council of China Energy Conservation Association in 2005, and obtained the
membership in China Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.Wuxi City in 2006 won the best production
and research cooperation projects second prize.
    With advanced technology, strong economic strength, honesty in business, excellent products qualities as well as
superior after-sale service, the Company had obtained widespread popularity both at home and abroad.
    The Company is specialized in the production of Hui Shi Tong Delayed Action Activator for clearing boiler ash,
Detergent and Combustion Adjuvant.

Brief introduction of Delayed Action Activator for clearing ash     

    Hui Shi Tong Delayed Action Activator for clearing ash, nonpoisonous and free from corrosion,is made from inorganic
compound according to certain proportion. Its appearance is white particle. When it is sent into hearths with high
temperature, a large amount of chemical smog will be produced and distributed fully on the surface of heat exchangers of
hearths, which makes chimney spots of heated surface of boiler porous, loose, and even pulverized and come off.
    The Product, given thermal efficiency test and evaluation of end users, was proved to have increased thermal efficiency
by 3%-8% compared with the past. It is easily to learn that the expense on per evaporation tonnage could be reduced by
about RMB 5800. It proved the high efficient energy conservation, reliable quality and advanced energy saving technology
of our products. The product had been accepted by national authority as patented product, and passed job evaluation at
provincial level for scientific and technological products. It had been recognized as high and new technology product of
Jiangsu Province by Jiangsu Science and Technology Bureau. These products are long-term and major promoting products
of the following units: China Energy Conservation Association, China Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center,
Wuxi Economy and Trade Commission, Wuxi Energy Research Institute, Energy Saving Technology Service Center and
Fuel Saving Office. Therefore, considering current shortage of energy and high prices of energy, it was an ideal option to
choose Hui Shi Tong Delayed Action Activator for clearing boiler ash, which required you little money while achieved
evident effects.

Mechanism of Slag Bonding and Functions of Delayed Action Activator    

    1. Mechanism of Slag Bonding: Fuel, coal or oil are always contains carbon, sulfur, water and other chat (especially, there are 82.5%-86.2% of carbon, 12.5% of hydrogen and slight sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen compound in fuel oil). As a result of combination with oxygen when burning, carbon dioxide and water are produced. If oxygen is insufficient, there will be carbon monoxide, solid carbon granules and chimney spots (mainly including natrium, magnesium, vanadium, nickel, iron, silicon, etc.). When flue gas of burning, forming a CO2-SO3-H2O air system, gets in touch with heat exchangers, which have a comparatively lower temperature compared with that of flue gas, the ingredients of flue gas will be separated out. Thus, on the one hand, it causes the producing of the sulphate and sulphite with strong causticity on the heated surface of boiler. On the other hand, owing to the attached dirt, it will lead to the producing of adhesive ash on the heated surface of boiler. Yang Shiming stated in his book Heat Transfer that capacity of thermal resistance of boiler ash is about 400 times of that of heated surface of boiler. Therefore, it is easily to find out that slag bonding greatly affects the life-span of boiler and heat transfer rate.
    Electricity generating boiler with large capacity and thermoelectricity boiler need a large quantity of coal to work, therefore, their slag bonding are much more than that of boilers for industrial purposes. The slag bonding will become thicker and thicker as the increase of burning time and changes of various coals (sulphur content is inversely proportional to the ash fusing point), which are easily to cause fire extinguish and furnace shutdown incidents, and even human casualty accidents. Boiler coking, ash deposit and fouling will do great harm to the production. 
    2. Functions of Hui Shi Tong Delayed Action Activator for clearing boiler ash: When the Delayed Action Activator is sent into high-temperature furnace, it will soon be in a molten state and volatilize, usually 5-10 minutes. Most part of it will flow with smog. Physical and chemical reactions will occur after its contact with chimney spots of the heated surface, which will cause the slag boning of corrosive sulphate, sulphite and oxide to turn from subacidity(PH4) to alkalescence(PH8). Because the decline of fusing point of slag bonding due to the comparatively low fusing point of alkalescent substances, deslagging reaction become possible in a liquid state. This creates a favorable condition for clearing boiler ash, because it can facilitate the shedding of boiler coking, ash deposit and fouling.
    The activator could continuously clear out the newly-formed ash deposit to avoid boiler coking, thus improve the working conditions of boiler and greatly increase the heat transfer efficiency of heated surface., so as to avoid the occurrence of fire extinguish, furnace shutdown, or even human casualty accidents with the aim to achieve the purposes of energy saving and safe running.
    3. Functions of Antiscale: Antiscaling refers to prevention of the formation of new chimney spots with the continuous use of Hui Shi Tong pharmaceutical products after the original chimney spots on the heated surface of boiler had cleared out. When Delayed Action Activator is heated and decomposed in high temperature furnace, and brought by smog onto the surface of boiler, chemical reaction occurs between some part of metal of pharmaceutical products and slag bonding, which causes the shedding of slag bonding and makes the ferrous sulfide in slag bonding reduced to ferric ion. Another part of pharmaceutical products would form a layer of protective film, which together with continuously produced sulfuric acid and sulfurous acid could prevent the face materials from corrosion, so as to prolong the overhaul period and life-span of equipments and reduce the intensity of labor.

Range of Application    
    The products are applicable for various large, medium-sized or small-typed steam power plant, thermal-electric plant as well as industrial boilers using coal or fuel.
Method of Application    
    A: Directly throw the Hui Shi Tong products with prescriptive dosage into high temperature furnace once only or many times. When the boiler is in the normal burning state, throw or spray the products.
    B: At the early stage of descaling, throw the products once or twice every day; a week later, throw the product according to prescriptive dosage once only every day.
    C: For fuel heating boiler, it is feasible to adopt the method of spraying and inhaling through negative pressure by using air compressor.
    D: Our Company provided specific method and dosage for customers according to the actual conditions of different boilers, so as to achieve better effects.
    A: For coal boiler, dosage per day is 0.02-0.05% of its daily charge of fuel.
    B: For fuel oil heating boiler, about 0.05-0.1%.
It is allowed, where appropriate, to increase or reduce daily dosage according to the conditions of ash deposit and boiler coking as well as the quality of coal.
    Plastic compound bag is used for external packaging. A: (1kg per enclosed small bag ) 25kg per item; B: Bulk Package 25kg per item.
Economic and Social Benefit:    
    1. Improve the thermal efficiency of equipment; thermal efficiency of industrial boiler increased by 3-8%; electricity generating boiler and thermal power boiler increased by 1-5%; energy saving up to 3-8%.
    2. Reduce the loss resulted from furnace shutdown due to the influence of boiler coking.
    3. Prolong the life-span of primary and subsidiary equipments.
    4. Reduce the needs for exploitation of mineral resources, thus playing a vital role in the integrate utilization of social resources.
    Hui Shi Tong Delayed Action Activator for clearing boiler ash, given the one month using test of relevant units, was found to have increased thermal efficiency by 3-8% over the past. According to expert examinations and the practice of customers, it is calculated that it can help users to save fuel expenses of RMB 5800-6800 yuan per year when the boiler burns one ton coal. However, you are only required to pay about RMB 1800 yuan per year for the product. In fact, you have reduced your production cost by about RMB 5500 yuan per year when the boiler burns one ton coal. It is easily to find out its remarkable economic and social benefits.

Reports of some users                              Contact Person: Zhu Dejun

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