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At the end of the use of "pass Huishi" coal agent
Has been the use of "pass Huishi" coal agent

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   Wuxi Kunpeng Technology, Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.,whose former name was Wuxi Scientific Commission Scientific and Technological Development Center, was founded in 1997 and concentrated on developing and exploring products since 1980s. It was an industrial company with an integration of scientific research and development, industrial production and trade. With advanced technology, strong economic strength, honesty in business, excellent products qualities as well as superior after-sale service, the Company had obtained widespread popularity both at home and abroad. 

Brief introduction of efficient coal saving desulfurizer  

    Hui Shi Tong efficient coal saving dedesulfurizer, nonpoisonous and free from corrosion,is made from compounds according
to certain proportion. When it burns with coal creating chemical and physical reaction, it will help users to achieve the effects of
supporting combustion,coal saving, clearing dist, dedesulfurizing and clearingboiler coking. 
    The Product, given thermal efficiency test and evaluation of end users, was proved to have increased thermal efficiency by
about 10-15% compared with the past. It is proved to be thehigh efficient energy conservation product with reliable quality and
advanced energy saving technology.

Mechanism of emission of black smoke during coal burning   

    The incomplete coal burning usually is caused by improper operationof stoker, faulty dust-removing equipment or poor coal
quality, thusthe content of carbide and coal of the smoke is increased and leads to the waste of coal, which finally leads to the
rise of Ringelmen Blackness and pollution to the atmosphere.

Mechanism of coal saving and smoke dispersing  
    When the product added during the burning, it will be gradually decomposed into several kinds of strong oxidants and activators,
emitting a large amount of oxygen, which will lead to the decreaseof the content of coal and carbide of the burning coal. Meanwhile,
the kindling temperature of fuel will be lowered down and the complete burning will be achieved. Especially,it can make carbon
monoxide of the incomplete burning turn into carbon dioxide, the process of which can emit a lot of heat. Higher boiler efficienc
ymeans lower energy consumption, better burning, less dust and no smoke with a lower Ringelman Blackness meantime.
Mechanism of desulfurization  
    During the burning, the sulfur in the coal will be turned into sulfide and sulfur dioxide. The former erodes metals; the latter emits
into the atmosphere and harms the environment greatly. When the product is added into the burning coal, reaction between it and
the sulfur of the coal will occur and will bring about solid sulfate, which will permeate through the slag. When examined, the solid
sulfate in the slag will be increased by 60% if the product is added into during the burning. That is to say, the content of sulfur dioxide
in the smoke will be reduced and the pollution to the atmosphere and the erosion to metals caused by it will also be lightened.
Mechanism of dust and coke cleaning  
    The roles of Hui Shi Tong Efficient Coal Saving Desulfurizer are as follows,
When the desulfurizer is added with coal into the burning boiler, it will volatilize very quickly. Most of them will flow with the smoke and bring about physical and chemical reaction with hot chimney spot.     The reaction can make slog bonding of high corrosive sulfate; sulfite and oxid turn into PH8 from PH4.The fnp of basic slog is lower than that of acid slog. Thus the deslagging can be conducted in the liquid state, which also creates a favourable condition for the desulfurizer. It facilitates the shedding of boiler coking, ash deposit and fouling and enhances the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
Range of application   
    The product can be applicable to large, medium and small thermal power plant or steam power plant, various industrial boiler, domestic coal, vertical kiln and lime kiln.
Ways of use  
    The product is easy to use. When the boilers burning normally, add this product at one time into the fuel, churn and mix them intimately. Pay attention to that the moisture of the coal should be 8%--10%. Dosage can be adjusted according to the different coal, boiler, dust-cleaning equipment and its working condition.
Ways of use
    Dosage is 2-5kg per ton and is adjustable according to the quality of coal.
Ways of use
    During survey, the following effects have been achieved after using Hui Shi Tong Efficient Coal Saving Desulfurizer for one month by some unit.
1. The rate of coal saving is 10%-15%, with the highest 17.8%.
2. The Ringelman Blackness can be lowered down by one grade.
3. 1-2mm chimney spot will almost shed completely within 10-15 days, and the clean surface of metal will reappear.
4. The boiler thermal efficiency will be improved by 3-8 percent, with the highest 15.8%.
5. The temperature of smoke emission will be lowered down 8-20℃, and the furnace temperature will be heightened 120-220℃.
6. The rate of dust fall will be lowered 12.9-34.%.
7. Lower down Ph indicator of sulfur dioxide (with solid sulfur in the slog increased 60%) .
8. Be combustion-supporting to the burning of coal.
9. Reduce the mining of mineral resources and bring huge economic and social benefits to the comprehensive utilization of social resources.

Reports of some users                              Contact Person: Zhu Dejun

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