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Boiler scale inhibitor  

      The principle of " Huishi" anti-scaling inhibitor (formerly known as: anti fouling detergents ) ( alias: corrosion inhibitor ) is that the adding medicament and scaling substance in the water, such as calcium and magnesium ions generated lattice structure has been deformed by calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide precipitate. In the case that the water of high alkalinity, it can change into water slag, and then discharge through the boiler, so as to achieve purpose the anti-scaling. Long- term use of medicament can also form a protective film in the pipeline and can prevent the pipe corrosion. Our experiments and the users’ practice prove that the corrosion rate is beyond 99%.. Therefore in order to achieve proper the anti-scaling effect, we must do the following:
一, adding medicament quantitatively and timely:
        1, You should add 0.5kg when having evaporate a tonnage according to the boiler tonnage mete.
        2, When the total hardness of water quality is at 0.02mmol / L, you should add 60g according to the daily water             consumption;
            When the total hardness of water quality is at 0.03mmol / L, you should add80g according to the daily water consumption.
二, in order to keep the water alkalinity at 10 to15 mEq / L, you should often test water alkalinity (if the condition is  insufficient,       you can send it a boiler inspection station) when you are fresher to use the anti fouling inhibitor to find out the optimal dosage       and the laws of the boiler emission.
三, according to the water alkalinity test results to control emissions.
四, it is more necessary to stop to clean the furnace regularly (3~ 4 months ) for the original boiler.
五, avoiding high water level operation.
      In addition, it is better to put the anti-scaling agent that is dissolved in hot water into the pot directly. Because it is difficult to control when it is placed in the water tank. Medicament should be added after the boiler has discharged the scale. For example, the domestic boiler can be added at around eight in the morning. If the water alkalinity can keep in the 10 to 15 mEq / L for a long time, the boiler anti-scaling effect can be guaranteed. But if the water alkalinity is long-term low , it will have a bad effect. This means that the users should keep in mind that it is important to keep the water alkalinity to achieve the goal.

Reports of some users                              Contact Person: Zhu Dejun

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