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At the end of the use of "pass Huishi" coal agent
Has been the use of "pass Huishi" coal agent

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   Wuxi Kunpeng Technology, Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.,whose former name was Wuxi Scientific Commission Scientific and Technological Development Center, was founded in 1997 and concentrated on developing and exploring products since 1980s. It was an industrial company with an integration of scientific research and development, industrial production and trade. With advanced technology, strong economic strength, honesty in business, excellent products qualities as well as superior after-sale service, the Company had obtained widespread popularity both at home and abroad. 

Brief introduction of Combustion Adjuvant    

    The Company is specialized in the production of Hui Shi Tong combustion adjuvant.The Product, given thermal efficiency

test and evaluation of end users, was proved to have increased thermalefficiency by 10-15% compared with the past. It is
calculated that it can help users to save fuel expenses of about RMB 58 yuanper year when the boiler burns one ton coal. It
is proved to be the high efficient energy conservation product with reliable quality and advanced energy. 
    The product had been accepted by national authority as patented product, and passed job evaluation at provincial level for
scientific and technological products. It had been recognized as high and new technology product of Jiangsu Province by
Jiangsu Science and Technology Bureau. These products are long-term and major promoting products of the following units:
China Energy Conservation Association,China Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center,Wuxi Economy and
Trade Commission, Wuxi Energy Research Institute, Energy Saving Technology Service Center and Fuel Saving Office.
Therefore, considering current shortage of energy and high prices of energy, it was an ideal option to choose Hui Shi Tong
Delayed Action Activator for clearing boiler ash, which required you little money while achieved evident effects.

Mechanism of Supporting Combustion  

    Quality of coal has directly effects on the working conditions of boilers. Therefore, our products are provided for the boiler
usinginferior coal. When the product is used, it could increase the kindling point of the fuel, and gradually decompose and produce
various kinds of oxidants and activators. At the same time, it could produce a large quantity of oxygen, which could support
combustion and facilitate toclear the carbon and carbide (causing the sufficient burning of coal).In addition, it would react with
the ash deposit on the heated surface,which could turn the carbon and carbide into carbon oxide and carbon dioxide, the later
is easily to volatilize, and thus the content of carbon and carbide of smog would be reduced. Especially, it can makecarbon
monoxide of the incomplete burning turn into carbon dioxide, the process of which can emit a lot of heat. Higher boiler efficiency
means lower energy consumption.

Mechanism of emission of black smoke during coal burning  
    The incomplete coal burning usually is caused by thickness of coal, quick operation of fire grate, imperfection of dust-removing equipment or poor coal quality, thus the content of carbide and coal of the smoke is increased, which finally leads to the rise of Ringelmen Blackness and pollution to the atmosphere.
Mechanism of smoke abatement and desulfurizing   
    When the product added during the burning, it will be gradually decomposed into several kinds of strong oxidants and activators, emitting a large amount of oxygen, which would facilitate to clear the carbon and carbide of smog (causing the complete burning of coal). In addition, it could react with chimney spots on the heated surface, which would turns the carbon and carbide into carbon oxide and carbon dioxide, the later will soon volatilize. The content of carbon and carbide of smog would be reduced. Thus the purposed of better burning, less dust and no smog with a lower Ringelman Blackness would be achieved.
Range of Application   
The product can be applicable to large, medium and small thermal power plant or steam power plant, various industrial boiler, domestic coal, vertical kiln and lime kiln.
Way of Use   
The product is easy to use. When the boilers burning normally, add this product with recommended dosage at one time or many times into the fuel, churn and mix them intimately. Pay attention to that the moisture of the coal should be 8%--10%. Dosage can be adjusted according to the different coal, boiler, dust-cleaning equipment and its working condition.
Dosage is 2-5kg per ton and is adjustable according to the quality of coal.
Economic, environmental protection and social benefit 
   During survey, the following effects have been achieved after using Hui Shi Tong Efficient Coal Saving Desulfurizer for one month by some units.
1. Dust fall rate has been reduced by 12.9-34.8%.
2. The Ringelman Blackness can be lowered down by one grade.
3. 1-2mm chimney spot will almost shed completely within 10-15 days, and the clean surface of metal will reappear.
4. The boiler thermal efficiency will be improved by 3-8 percent, with the highest 15.8%.
5. The temperature of smoke emission will be lowered down 8-20℃, and the furnace temperature will be heightened 120-220℃.
6. Energy saving 8-15%, at the most 17.8.
7. Lower down emission of sulfur dioxide.
8. Be combustion-supporting to the burning of coal.
9. Reduce the mining of mineral resources and bring huge economic and social benefits to the comprehensive utilization of social resources.

Reports of some users                           jin xiao

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