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Scale has been used in other manufacturers after detergents
The use of "Huishitong" Antiscaling descaling agent

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 Circulating water system generally includes a central air conditioning water system
and industrial cooling water system.Heat generated in industrial producting or in
refrigeration process should be washed away by cooling water. The quality of the cooling
water for duty-cycle operation is very important.Because bad quality can be inevitable
producing some incrustation scale and the scale contains corrosive substances which can
corrode the system material. As time went by it would produce corrosive perforation. The
long-time accumulation of the scale will reduce the heat transfer efficiency and shorten
the service life of the equipment.

Chemical properties and characteristics:  

    The appearance of ShiHuitong WL102-1antiscaling inhibitor (formerly known as: anti
fouling detergents ) (alias: Slow corrosion inhibitor ) is white powder. When in moist
air, it can absorb moisture without going bad. While in ordinary temperature, it can 
slowly dissolve and the aqueous solution appears alkalescent.The dissolution rate and
the solubility is increasing as the temperature increases. Drug molecules can prevent
the surface corrosion and scaling of the mental which comes into contact with water,
and can make the already generated rust and scale gradually  fall off to maintain the
cooling surface clean.The material of the device and pipeline whether ferrous metal and
non-ferrous metals which has already had medicinal liquid can form protective membrane,
and the non-ferrous metal effect is particularly significant. The temperature of 5—200
and the pressure of 3.5Mpa can both form a protective film and can prevent the generation
of sludge and attached algae, which can prevent scale formation. In this way, it can
improve the heat efficiency of the device and prevent the corrosion of equipment and
achieve the goal to save energy and reduce the cost and prolong the service life of the
    Medicinal liquid can achieves the goals of inhabiting and preventing the scale , rust and corrosion, and eliminating the algae The product has the advantages of simple operation and it is a kind of economical and practical water finishing agent. This product is non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting and it can be safely used. If you can ensure the normal running of the equipment, the energy-saving effect can be up to 10~ 15%.

he mechanism of scale inhibitors:  

    The medicament is mainly affected in complexation and separation. The medicament and the material calcium and magnesium ions in water fouling can generate lattice structure which has been deformed by calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide precipitate. In high alkalinity condition, it can form water slag and then discharge by the sewage. In order to achieve the purpose of the inhibition and prevention of the scale.

The mechanism of scale prevention:  

    After the medicament is dissolved in water, it forms a colloidal negative ion, which can absorb the colloidal suspension and calcium and magnesium ions in the water to form colloidal particles and it is not easy to deposit on pipeline and easy to be discharged outside the system. Due to the inhibition and dispersion effect the colloidal negative ion does on the formation and deposition of carbonate and sulfate scale. The long-term use can prevent scale formation.

On the mechanism of corrosion:  

    Due to the calcium and magnesium ions in circulating water are easily deposited on the tube wall,it is not easy to be discharged outside the system. The suspended matter and calcium, magnesium ions, sulfate, silicate scale has corrosion effect. Therefore, the medicament reaches the above scale inhibition effect and forms a protective film, so as to achieve the anti-corrosion effect. Our experiments and the users’ practice prove that the corrosion rate is beyond 99%.

The scope of application:  

    It is mainly used for the equipment industrial cooling water system, condenser, industrial boiler, life boiler, hot water heating circulating system, central air conditioning water system .It has the functions of scale inhibition, sterilization, rust-proof, anti-corrosion and others.

The using method:  

    In the daily operation of the equipment, it only need to put moderate medicament into warm or room temperature to be dissolved into the circulating water outlet, and should be filtered before entering the circulation use ( not on the water inlet at the entrance). If you need to supplement water, you should be according to the hardness of water to supplement agent. During the initial cycle, you should increase the volume of sewage, so that the separation of the scale can be discharged in time.

The dosage:  

      The first dosage is: circulating water covers 2/10000.
The delivery ratio of the supplementary water:5ppm / m3 x the hardness of water circulation The daily dosage calculation of the supplementary water: retain water/ concentration ratio x 24h x delivery ratio of added water /1000 = water dosage ( unit: kg) water pH should control in 8 ~10 to reach the best effect.

Reports of some users                              Contact Person: Zhu Dejun

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