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   The enterprise has passed the certification of ISO9001: 2000. It was one of the top ten satisfied enterprises for customers that known by China Enterprise Credit Association In 2003 ; It was in the list of key promotion units of the 3.15 international day of consumer rights and interests. In 2005,it became the member of China Energy Conservation Association.wha t is more, it is the key member of China product quality supervision and investigation centre. in 2006, it won the second prize of excellent cooperation project in Wuxi. 
    With superb technology and strong economic strength and upon the base of the technical support of Southeast University, the company wins the favor of customers home and abroad by integrity management style, excellent quality and best after-sale services.
    The company specializes in producing “huishitong” detergent, scale Inhibitor oxygen scavenper, boiler cleaning cook removing agent, and efficient coal saving agent. Its products have been 20 years sine they are researched and developed in the 80’s.

Brief introduce of product:  

    In order to ensure the boiler in operate safely and reliably, prolong the service life of boiler, oxygen corrosion with water is quite critical. Just for this reason, our company developed and produced" WL108-2" through" type of solid oxygen scavenger, its performance in the world has been in the leading position.
    The company's WL108-2 can quickly react with oxygen dissolved in water so that it canreduce the oxygen in water to 0.01mg / L, in line with national standards.

The mechanism of oxygen corrosion:  

    The oxygen dissolved in boiler water and the boiler body is composed into metal corrosion cell. Iron electrode is lower than oxygen in the oxygen corrosion cell, so Fe lose electrons to form ferrous ion; the Reduction of Oxygen Cathode dissolved lead to the boiler corrosion.

The mechanism of anticorrosion:  

    The use of" WL108-2" can make the oxygen in the water lower than the national standard, and solve the corrosion to the surface of boiler.
    The agent can form a dense corrosion protecting the boiler by increasing the anodic potential. It can prevent the anodic depolarization effect and effectively prevent the corrosion of harmful gases and ions in water.

Applied scope:

    It applied in boiler, hot water boiler, heating system and other closed hot water system.

The performance: economical and safety:  

1. “WL108-2” type solid oxygen scavenger can eliminate accidents and dangers caused by oxygen corrosion to ensure the safe operation of equipment, reduce the cost of repairing. It can extend the life of equipment.
2. This medicinal preparation use security, convenient.
3. This medicinal preparation is lower than other chemistry oxygen scavenger operating cost.

The description:  

1.The appearance: white powder
2.The pH (1% solution): higher than 8
3.The density (20℃ ) g / cm3: 1.17~ 1.20
4.Water soluble ( % ): >99.8.

use amount:  
    per cubic water plus50g medicine, then according to the oxygen amount in water add6.5g / m3reagent per 1mg / L.
The method of use:
1. Take this product 2kg joined the medicine adding barrel, adding100kg water evenly mixed to be diluted solution.
2. According to the boiler water, adjust dosing pump flow, the dilution liquid dosing pump from the entrance to the pump.
3. Adjust the dosing pump and water pump to ensure the proportion of the products
4. In order to improve the effect, pH value should be maintained in the9-10.

1. The medicine barrel must be sealed well.
2. The process of metering should be completed quickly to shorten the time of contact with air.
3. if not careful adhesion in the skin, you should immediately rinse with clean water.

the packaging and storage:

1. Packing: in plastic woven bags of 25kg.
2. stored :in a seal, cool, dry, well-ventilated place. The validity period: one year.
3. Away from fire and heat source to prevent exposure.
4. Do not contact with the oxidant and acid.

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