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Not use "Huishitong" before detergents
The use of "Huishitong" after detergents

                   Wuxi Kunpeng Technology, Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. ADDRESS:No.1,YongDingXiang, Wuxi
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     With superb technology and strong economic strength and upon the base of the technical support of Southeast
University, the company wins the favor of  customers home and abroad by integrity management style, excellent
quality and best after-sale services.
      The company specializes in producing “huishitong” detergent, scale Inhibitor oxygen scavenper, boiler cleaning
cook removing agent, and efficient coal saving agent. Its products have been 20 years sine they are researched and
developed in the 80’s.

The instructions for use of WL102-2  

      Scope of application: mainly used for removing the carbonate scale and rust scale in industry, life, power station
boilers, sewage circulation pipe, condenser, central air conditioning, deep well pump ,heating equipment and so on.


     Simple: It works only need existing equipment and technical workers .
      Don’t dog: With chemical reaction of the liquid and dirt, it can promote the scale dissolving into liquid instead of
clogging phenomenon during the cleaning process.
      Time-saving: It only takes several hours no more than 24 hours.
      low cost: It can low more than 50% cost compared with other ways.
      Slow corrosion rate: It can slow corrosion rate upto 99% to the black metal, nonferrous metal.

      5% ~ 8%; according to the scale of the cleaning part (adding 50kg ~ 80kg per cubic water). When cleaning, its
pH need maintain at 1~ 1.5. If the pH value less than 1to 1.5,you should continue to add medicament.
Method of use:  

      1. Each 25 kg reagent contains 400g corrosion inhibitor. Put out the corrosion inhibitor and drop into the cleaning equipment before using, then circulate water by pump(use the same pockets of detergent and corrosion, also the corrosion must be put first).With the water temperature between 30℃ and 50℃, no more than 60℃.
      2. Cleaning time is generally 12-24 hours. The time can be increase and decrease according to the scale of the proper situation.
      3. When cleaning, please open the vent to prevent air resistance.
      4.If the liquid PH keeps betwen1~1.5 in the process of cleaning, it says descaling can end.
      5.When finished, exhaust liquid first, then water the tube one by one and check whether there is blocking phenomenon. If yes, please take action to make sure each tube unobstructed and guarantee the equipment operate normally.


      1、one small packet of corrosion inhibitor is unpacked, it must be used up .If it isn’t used up, you need use it according to the proportion and for later use in sealed storage.
      2、If the liquid contact with skin, rinse with water .
      3、The equipment that had cleaned up operate again, you’d better use 0.5~1‰of our WL102-1 anti scaling inhibitor because of its anticsaling performance.

Reports of some users                             jin xiao

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