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The instructions for using "Hui Shitong" WL107 desulfurizationsynergistic


    The Ministry of environmental protection has carried out new SO2 emission standards since January 01, 2012,, with the exception of areas of high sulfur coal in thermal power plants SO2 emission concentrations outside the 200mg/Nm3.All in service will reach within 200mg/Nm3 in thermal power plants.New units will also reach within 100mg/Nm3.Key areas achievewithin the 50mg/Nm3. During the period of 11th five-year plan,the thermal power plants to install desulphurization devices are in accordance with the Environment Department approval documents and existing air pollution emission standards.The service life ofdesulfurization devices keep up with basic units. This can improve standard up to 200mg/Nm3, even if applications use design coal in thermal power plants, they also needto reform the desulfurization equipment.
    According to current severe situation of energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection departments propose some reform requirements.In order to improve the efficiency of desulfurization and achieve SO2 emissions goal,we will use "Hui Shitong" WL107 synergistic agent.
Thermal power plants burnhigh sulfur coal and add "Hui Shitong" WL107 desulfurization to increase effect agent, boiler in full burn high sulfur coal of situation.The entrance concentration of desulfurization Tower SO2 is 5000mg/Nm3-9000 mg/Nm3.In this condition where the equipment doesn’t expand capacity ,doesn’t transform,doesn’t? increase investment,doesn’t? mix low sulfur coal burning, and doesn’t? increase lime powder input volume , SO2 concentrationof export also can control within 200mg/Nm3.
     Burning low sulphur coal in key areas, adding "Hui Shitong" WL107 desulfurization Synergist can reduce the use of? slurry pumps.The? export of SO2 can be controlled within 50mg/Nm3. This can? meet the local environmental protection departments on SO2 emission requirements.


The principle of operation  

 The principle of the wet limestone-gypsum flue gas desulfurization

(1)SO2 + H2O ? H+ + HSO3-? ? 2H+ + SO32-
(2) HSO3- + 1/2 O2? ? SO42- + H+
(3)CaCO3? Ca2+ + CO32-
(4)SO42- + H+ + Ca2+ + CO32-? CaSO4 ?+ HCO3-  ?

The principle of synergistic

    Based on the process that wet limestone-gypsum flue gas desulfurization,the main stepsof desulfurization reaction are? controlled in (1) and (3). The gas-liquid interface is the PH which can lower the SO2 dissolution and the rate of absorption .The solid-liquid interface is the high PH which can dissolve and dissociate the CaCO3. The use of Synergist will accelerate the reaction(1) so that H+ diffusetowards liquid interior, increases the solubility of CaCO3, speed up the reaction (3), adjust the PH of the slurry, and provide the gene of basicity for desulphurization reaction.The desulfurization efficiency can be improved. In the desulfurization process, Synergist plays a role similar to the catalyst to increase activity and contribute to reducing the consumption of limestone powder, without affecting the quality of plaster.


1. Reduce the use of pump and save energy.
2. Improve the utilization of limestone and reduce the use of limestone.
3. It can act as Anti-scaling agent and scale inhibitors.
4. Reduce the maintenance of equipment and the charge for disposing pollutants.
5. It can control the standard of the exportation of sulfur effectively.
6. Make sure the stability of the desulfurization towers when they work.

Method of use:  
 As long as you addthe dosage to lime slurry ponddirectly and once a day.??
A.The amount ofinitial additional desulfurization in Tower pool is about 500-1000ppm (daily coal consumption is about 600ppm).
B. The amount ofdaily additional desulfurization in Tower pool is about 500-1000ppm (daily coal consumption is about 60ppm).
C. According to the characteristics of low sulfur and high sulfur coal, and the standard of regional sulfur emissions, you can increase or decrease the amount.

The use effect:  

     "Hui Shitong" WL107 desulfurization synergistdoes not play a negative role in desulfurization system and doesn’t affect the size and the quality of gypsum. The use of low-sulfur coal production can meet energy reduction.You canguaranteedesulfurization efficiency when the number of high sulfur coal? desulfurization equipment is not increased.The? ratio ofinput and output is 1.8 per cent.Saving energy is remarkable.


The package of "Hui Shitong" WL107 desulfurization Synergist is 25kg plastic woven bag.

The storage period of "Hui Shitong" WL107 desulfurization Synergist stored in ventilated and dry place is one year.

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